quinta-feira, 29 de julho de 2010

O Polvo que nos consome

No mais recente relatório da Transparência Internacional, Portugal tem a duvidosa honra de se encontrar entre os países da OCDE que menos têm feito no combate à corrupção.
O relatório é demolidor.
Transcrevo apenas dois excertos da página 55:

"Inadequacies in legal framework: A key inadequacy in the legal framework lies in the amount of separate laws dealing with corruption-related issues, originating with a confusing web of intercepting articles that provide for interpretation issues and a lack of easy-to-understand mechanisms that can ultimately lead to legal uncertainty.
Inadequacies in enforcement system: The main flaw is the lack of resources for the judiciary police to conduct financial and other investigations. Other key reasons for unsuccessful enforcement are a lack of coordination between investigating police organs and the Prosecutor’s Offi ce and a lack of specialised in-service training of inspectors / investigators. There is also inadequate protection for whistleblowers and insuffi cient awareness-raising about the foreign bribery prohibition. Authorities notice a slight improvement in mutual legal assistance due to increasing harmonisation through European legal instruments, such as the European Arrest Warrant, the creation of Joint Investigation Teams and the Schengen Agreement."

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