domingo, 19 de outubro de 2008

O incompreensível mundo dos patos bravos


Vejamos como os patos bravos ibéricos são parecidos. Constroem, constroem, delapidam recursos, transformam riqueza desperdício sem outra racionalidade que não a do hábito. Habituaram-se a construir, a especular mas, nas condições actuais isso deixou de ser uma boa opção mas, presas do seu instinto continuam a planear urbanizações e mais urbanizações...

“What I can’t understand is the pilfering of this earth’s resources to construct one million new apartments in a place where there is no demand for them. That is what has happened in Spain over the last few years. The planning law regime combined with easily available credit has fuelled a massive construction boom, with gross over speculation. This has resulted in a country with two million empty abodes, having a further one million. Spain, what have you done? This is no longer the thirteenth century when an urban centre proved your country’s wealth and everyone marvelled at it. Three million flats are simply sitting there empty, as a testament to mankind’s greed and propensity for waste. And that’s only in one country. No wonder there has been a credit crunch.[…]” in, WHERE

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