quarta-feira, 8 de abril de 2009

O peso do Tratado de Lisboa

"Czech credibility at the EU level is undoubtedly hurting, but the real reason is not because of some speech or the squabbling of domestic politicians, but because of the country's shameful waffling on the Lisbon Treaty.

Topolánek's own credibility is attached to Lisbon, given his inability to hold his own party together on the issue.

"Czech relevance in Europe for now really boils down to the ratification of Lisbon," Techau says.

In Prague, the engine of Czech politics sputters, coughs and lurches ever onward. Lisbon has a chance to pass in the Czech Senate, though Klaus' influence is still a factor.

In Brussels, the failure of the Czechs to ratify the Lisbon Treaty is an embarrassment. Topolánek, sleeves rolled up and back to work on the European stage, might still get the cold shoulder from European leaders in London and beyond. If he does, Lisbon is the reason.

Czech inaction on the treaty appears as a different kind of no confidence vote - a vote against Europe itself."

Jeffrey White, The Prague Post

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